Jul 302019

Games controller cake

AnĀ  Playstation controller cake for a keen gamer. The controller was made out of rice crispie treats and marshmallows and the cake was airbrushed in a vivid green for contrast!

Jul 302019

Unicorns and rainbows

Unicorns and rainbows themed birthday cake, with four layers of vanilla sponge, raspberry jam and vanilla italian meringue buttercream. I loved crafting the fondant unicorn in the sweet pastel colours with the rainbow, clouds and…Continue Reading

Jul 302019

LUFC chocolate birthday cake

This football mad boy’s birthday cake was made of rich chocolate sponge with chocolate italian meringue buttercream. It featured his favourite team and was topped off with a handmade fondant character model of the birthday…Continue Reading

Jul 302019


Another super cute request. Piakachu!

Jul 302019

Liverpool shirt birthday cake

This rich chocolate cake was finished with a hand painted Liverbird and sponsor emblem. Created for a huge fan.

Jul 302019

It’s a Bing cake!

A very cute Bing and Flop cake with a handpainted fondant cutout of the pair. Vanilla sponge with raspberry jam filling. I very much enjoyed designing and painting this cake.

Jul 302019

Gravity defying Oreo cake!

A rich chocolate cake for an Oreo fan, surrounded by Cadbury’s chocolate fingers. I can’t claim credit for the exact design but the customer specifically asked for this.

Jul 302019

Princess turret cake

Don’t all little girls want to be princesses, at least just once in this world where they can be anything from nuclear physicists to truck drivers!

Mar 312019

Dinosaur kids birthday cake

Ever popular as a birthday theme, this Dinosaur cake has a super cute Dinosaur fondant topper. A fun style, suited to a younger child!